Medical Services

Regional health resort for children with parents ‘Goryachiy Klyuch’ provides spa services under an agreement in the amount of spa treatment standards, as well as above the standards for a separately concluded contract with a patient for the provision of additional paid sanatorium and resort medical care for medical reasons taking into account the recommendations of the attending physician.

In treatment programs, all types and methods of treatment available in the sanatorium are used:

  • physiotherapy: high-tone therapy, pressure therapy, electrotherapy, light therapy, magnetotherapy, laser therapy, ultrasonic therapy;
  • hydrotherapy / balneotherapy: Charcot’s shower, fan, circular, ascending, Vichy, underwater rain, whirlwind / radon baths, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen carbonate, iodide-bromine, foam, pearl, bischofite, washing and irrigation of the intestine;
  • heat therapy: galvanic mud;
  • mud therapy: mud applications, general dirt;
  • aerosol therapy: inhalations of mineral, medicinal, saline, oily;
  • naturopathy: aromatherapy, herbal medicine;
  • psychological recovery system: individual counseling, psychodiagnostics, group training;
  • drug therapy: emergency, symptomatic;
  • other: dry therapeutic sauna, intestinal lavage, oxygen therapy, physiotherapy exercises, massage, mechanotherapy, simulator exercises, aroma applications of wrapping in medical programs.

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